Smart homes: The convenience of a connected household

Ever thought about making your home smart? Well, with a connected home solution – or ‘smart home’, as they’re also known – you really can.

A connected home allows you to control and automate the electronic devices in your home from a single source, whether that’s a control panel, a smartphone or a virtual assistant.

The amount of devices that can be connected in your home is vast, with the growing list including lighting, thermostats, locks, speakers, electrical sockets and even security cameras.

This technology also applies to solar shading, and it couldn’t be easier to program opening and closing settings to suit your mood.

A solar protection system connected to a smart home solution allows buildings to reduce their energy consumption considerably.

Why should I connect my solar shading to a smart home system?

To save energy

Specially adapted sensors open and close your solar shading to let the warmth of the sun stream in or keep your home cool in the summer. This reduces the need for heating and air conditioning.

To increase security

If you’re going to be away from home for a prolonged period of time, you can still control the behavior of your solar shading. This is ideal for giving the impression that you are still around.

To manage lighting effectively

It couldn’t be easier to program how your solar shading opens and closes so that the light adapts to your lifestyle.

To maximize convenience

Make your life easier and avoid repeating the same tasks over and over by controlling all of your solar shading systems from the comfort of your sofa.

Enjoy the freedom of choice with Griesser

Griesser offers a whole host of systems designed to ensure reliable connection of your solar shading. We are sure to have the right solution to suit your needs.

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