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A new warm and welcoming workplace, Oxaya

Discover Oxaya - The new warm, welcoming workplace

Located near the Jean Macé multi-modal hub in Lyon’s Gerland district, the Oxaya high environmental quality tertiary building is 100% BIM. The location offers a good balance between residential and business neighborhoods.

With its elegant and modern architecture, this four-floor, V-shaped office building boasts landscaped gardens, terraces and balconies and welcoming communal spaces for the comfort of its users.

The architect, Iwan Ponsonnet, explains that “Since energy efficiency was a top priority, we made the innovative choice of installing openings to the exterior in the facade on every floor to reduce heat channels. The openings and the venetian blinds form single exterior blocks resting on horizontal rails.”

The recesses produce natural lighting that creates a warm workplace. Griesser offered an efficient response to the need for quality solar protection with 250 Solomatic® II 80 Fix external venetian blind with beaded slats and 200 Soloroll® II Box Internal roller blinds.

The building also has an Excellent NF high environmental quality certification and boasts an environmental performance equivalent to RT 2012 - 20%.




Lyon (7th arrondissement), France


Solar protection solution: Solomatic 80 Fix external venetian blind and Soloroll Internal roller blinds


Xanadu Architectes et Urbanistes