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Textile patio roofs

Enjoy the fragrance of a warm summer rain shower on your patio. With a pergola patio roof, you can take advantage of solar shading in your garden which you can even leave open in windy conditions or during a light rain shower thanks to its stable design with supporting pillars – allowing you to enjoy cozy hours in the garden regardless of whether the sun is shining, or a shower is on the horizon. The elegant combination of a colorful, waterproof awning fabric and the solid frame of a patio roof also offers you the opportunity to cater for very large dimensions without affecting the wind stability. That makes it an interesting alternative to a hinged-arm awning. And why not show your pergola awning off in its best light with optional LED spotlights that can be incorporated into the metal struts. That way, you can savor the mild summer days up to the very last minute.


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Overview Textile patio roofs

Conservatory awnings

Conservatory awnings

The good Thing about light-flooded conservatories and Patio roofs is also a challenge: When a lot of sunshine comes in, it is perceived as dazzling and it becomes uncomfortably hot. With conservatory awnings, you will create pleasant shading and your personal feel-good climate.