* These products can be obtained exclusively through the Griesser Team and our expert specialist retailers (window shutters only through expert specialist retailers).
Expert specialist retailers receive specific product training and provide you with the assurance that your installation will be carried out professionally.


We have already trained 600 Griesser solar control solution experts!

Join the Griesser Academy to become an expert for Griesser Solar Control solutions.

How do you install our Metalunic® external venetian blind? How many colours do we offer for our Solozip® façade awnings? What is behind the QR code for our external venetian blinds? In which countries do we have our factories?
These are just a few of the questions that our technical and prescription experts at the Griesser Academy have addressed and answered.

What is the Griesser Academy? The Academy is a unique training concept that we offer our clients so that they can propose the most suitable solution for their customers and install our products with their newly acquired knowledge.
We provide both commercial and technical knowledge of all our products. All trainings include a practical part with the installation of various Griesser solar control solutions.
At the end of the session, we award an exclusive Griesser Diploma certifying the product knowledge acquired at the Griesser Academy.
We are proud to announce that during the year 2021, which is still marked by the presence of the pandemic, we have managed to train 600 experts in person!
We have carried out a total of 40 trainings, 25 at our Griesser Academy headquarters, and 15 more with our “Rolling Academy” on customers’ premises for those who are less able to travel. With our Rolling Academy we have held trainings in cities such as Logroño, Santander, Valencia, Gijón and Navarra.
And we are not stopping there... By 2022 our goal is to train 2,000 more experts in Spain and Portugal to continue to pass on our knowledge and experience of Griesser solar control.

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