* These products can be obtained exclusively through the Griesser Team and our expert specialist retailers (window shutters only through expert specialist retailers).
Expert specialist retailers receive specific product training and provide you with the assurance that your installation will be carried out professionally.


The simple way to reduce the temperature at home or at work!

Did you know that you can achieve 20% energy savings by preserving your thermal comfort thanks to Griesser sun protection?

Our external solar protection systems emit 90% of the heat and therefore lower the temperature inside the rooms by a few degrees.

In addition, solar protection prevents over-consumption of air conditioning and therefore saves energy.

Griesser has a complete range of products that will meet all your daily needs: thermal, aesthetic, safety, natural light management.

  • External venetian blinds
  • Facade awnings
  • Wing shutters, Rolling shutters, Sliding shutters

For more information, contact us on +41 58 822 42 42 and on info@griesser.ch

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